Sherwood Dodge Gives Back

Sherwood Dodge
is dedicated to helping the city of Edmonton and the community of Sherwood Park

Sherwood Dodge Supported Charities

Sherwood Dodge is proud to support the following charities: The Edmonton Boys and Girls ClubBig Brothers & Sisters Mentorship ProgramThe Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (aka JDRF)Kids with CancerThe Canadian Cancer Society's Relay for LifeThe Edmonton Food Bank, and Hope Mission. [Read More]

Neurosurgery Kids' Fund

Sherwood Dodge is proud to be a part of the Neurosurgery Kids' Fundraiser. This Fundraiser will take place on February 11, 2016 at John Paul 1 Elementary in Edmonton, AB. The funds raised will go to help pay for children to attend Camp Everest. Camp Everest is a four-day getaway for children who suffer from brain and spinal traumas. It gives them a fun and much-needed break from the serious illnesses these children suffer from. [Read More]

Oil King's Caravan Giveaway

The Oil Kings are a great team to watch and sometimes you can get lucky at their games and win a new Dodge Grand Caravan! Sherwood Dodge was happy to participate in this fun giveaway by donating the van. Congratulations! [Read More]

Operation KidSafe

Sherwood Dodge is proud to participate in the Operation KidSafe program and do all they can to help protect kids. Attendees will receive a free Child Safety Kit, which has been developed to help find children should they go missing. Families can pick up one of these kits on special dates in October at the dealership. [Read More]

Fort McMurrary Fire Relief Donations

The Sherwood Park Dodge team collected items for those affected by the Fort McMurray fires. These donations were able to fill a Ram ProMaster. Thank you to all those who donated!

Sherwood Dodge Gives Back

A Message from Scott Held, Dealer Principal

I am always looking for new ways to help out the community. Sherwood Dodge does not have one sole mission, selling cars, but to also wants to better our entire community. That includes our dealership clients and much further into the Greater Edmonton community. We want to go above and beyond the usual company community service. I had an idea, why not use our air time? You're all used to hearing me talk all the time, so why not give some fantastic non-profit charitable organizations the same opportunities to get their message out on the air waves?

A Vision Comes to Life

The Edmonton Boys and Girls Club, Big Brothers & Sisters Mentorship Program, The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (aka JDRF), Kids with Cancer, The Canadian Cancer Society's Relay for Life, The Edmonton Food Bank, and Hope Mission, joined me and Sherwood Dodge at New Media's Corus Radio station to record a series of messages to encourage our community to volunteer or donate to help out these fantastic organizations.

Watch How It Gets Done

In the video above, we go behind the scenes with Sherwood Dodge and the members of these amazing organizations. See how and why we collaborated and recorded our new messaging, soon to be live on the airwaves in the Greater Edmonton area. 

Why Use Radio for Our Messages?

Radio still truly is an effective and valuable way to not only keep Sherwood Dodge in the forefront of our clients' and potential customers' minds, but with this round of ads, we have decided to donate 2/3 of our air time to charity and thus the community at large, giving them the same marketing opportunities that we normally have.

Now radio listeners will get an introduction to numerous organizations helping out their friends, family, and neighborhoods daily, whether through mentoring children, feeding the hungry, or fighting diseases.

Looking Forward to an Active Volunteering Edmonton 

As I mentioned before, usually you hear a lot of my voice, but now with our entirely new approach to cross-culture marketing, you will hear details on these organizations' upcoming events, missions, needs - and most importantly, how you can get involved!

I hope you find it as refreshing as we all did to hear a 'sales pitch' to fight cancer, diabetes, mentor children, feed your community, and become involved with Edmonton volunteering through these charities and the community members.